Bionic Eyes Implant Coming to An Eyeball Near You

Ok, this has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve read about today. Apparently, mad, scheming scientist bent on creating powerful cyborgs (who will one day take over the world and enslave us all) have been busy again. Or, perhaps they are just well-meaning scientists hoping to cure blindness. Regardless, of who they are, this is still awesome.

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Panda Sanchez // 2012, Pop Robot (Future Remix)


Alex, the cyborg, woke up one morning feeling like himself again.  In fact, he felt vaguely … aware.

But there was a price.  With germinal sentience came that rushing tsunami of pain, misery, melancholy.  That is, matters of the psyche those of us carrying the weight of flesh and blood spent decades easing into.  Alex, on the other hand, wasn’t granted such a luxury.  Knowledge came first — and that was the burden he carried.

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