Watch “Awake” by Electrolift Creative (music by Panda Sanchez)

My musical doppelganger, Panda Sanchez, was especially thrilled to receive a ping from filmmaker Matthew Taylor, co-founder of Electrolift Creative, a premier media and video consulting firm located in Washington D.C.

Embedded is a Vimeo link to a short film he directed titled, Awake, featuring the excerpt of a “sound-collage” I recorded in 2007 dubbed “Crows Perched On Parking Meters“. Continue reading


You are more than just a cocktail ring to me, darling.


I love making jewelry.  I love the jewelry I make.  Therefore, selling a piece of jewelry feels like giving a beloved cat up for adoption because the new live-in boyfriend has cat allergies.  The elation of extra money in the bank gets drowned in tears over the parting with my adorable, fluffy, hug-able kitty-cat. Continue reading