Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road

New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Fires on all Cylinders!

If WB‘s new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is any indication of the dystopian final product that awaits us this summer, then fans of cyberpunk pulp can breathe easy.

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The Power of Prometheus: Drawing Lines in the Sand


This piece intends to comment on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus in relation to its allusions to deities, creation and religion.  Being that I come from a Christian background, however, much of this article (unavoidably) relies on Prometheus’ supposed Biblical allusions — as it appears to have been Ridley Scott’s intention to draw from such themesStill, because I axiologically write from a Creationist perspective, it is in no ulterior way meant to challenge secularist interpretations of the film.

This is not an essay.  As of now, there is no structure, MLA formatting, citations, or working thesis.

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