Watch “Awake” by Electrolift Creative (music by Panda Sanchez)

My musical doppelganger, Panda Sanchez, was especially thrilled to receive a ping from filmmaker Matthew Taylor, co-founder of Electrolift Creative, a premier media and video consulting firm located in Washington D.C.

Embedded is a Vimeo link to a short film he directed titled, Awake, featuring the excerpt of a “sound-collage” I recorded in 2007 dubbed “Crows Perched On Parking Meters“. Continue reading


Watch: Panda Sanchez, Live at DC9

Here we are, in all our neonatal glory, opening for Tigertronic and Gracias, Pero No Gracias.  Thanks to all that came and showed their support!  We had a blast.  Check out more of our homegrown recordings here or connect with us on Facebook for real-time updates.

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If the last canorous chime I heard on earth was the Rhodes then that would be fine

March of 2010 — IHS writer Mario Munoz tickles the Fender ivory while us former Tigertronic marauders take a break from practice to re-hydrate (and then dehydrate again with beer, yay). A preemptive apology for the sidelong angle. The little ditty that never was:

Shameless Self-Promo // Quondam Band Nostalgia


Shot with a 3GS — courtesy of my younger kin, Eric (@Bluemojo82) — the following is a clip of your bespectacled narrator’s bygone music project, Tigertronic (R.I.P.), performing Lenny’s Last Roar at The Red & The Black on April 1st, 2010.  Check it out.  Funniest anecdote of that evening featured our bassist, Mamawia, showing up late, jumping onto the stage and plugging into his amp, mid-song.  Everybody thought it was planned.  (Wish we got that on video).