Watch “Awake” by Electrolift Creative (music by Panda Sanchez)

My musical doppelganger, Panda Sanchez, was especially thrilled to receive a ping from filmmaker Matthew Taylor, co-founder of Electrolift Creative, a premier media and video consulting firm located in Washington D.C.

Embedded is a Vimeo link to a short film he directed titled, Awake, featuring the excerpt of a “sound-collage” I recorded in 2007 dubbed “Crows Perched On Parking Meters“. Continue reading

Remember Your Dead - Vigilia EP

Track Awareness: “Innuendo Eyes” by Remember Your Dead

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Every Night They Sleep In Empty Sanctuaries


Here is a depressing morsel I dug up from the summer 2007 Panda Sanchez back-catalog section of a store that metaphorically resembles the iconic record shop in High Fidelity.  Caveat:  It moves like molasses and finds an inebriated version of me on vocals; a friend’s borrowed steel-string Washburn (thanks Vanessa); a condenser mic; a MicroKorg; the moody aftermath of David Fincher’s Zodiac; and GarageBand.  So … yes … if left up to my own devices, I get totally emo (at least circa 2007).

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Watch: Panda Sanchez, Live at DC9

Here we are, in all our neonatal glory, opening for Tigertronic and Gracias, Pero No Gracias.  Thanks to all that came and showed their support!  We had a blast.  Check out more of our homegrown recordings here or connect with us on Facebook for real-time updates.

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Panda Sanchez; Gracias, Pero No Gracias; and Tigertronic to play @ DC9 Tomorrow Night

Hello Party People,

Panda Sanchez @ The Velvet Lounge in NW DC (July 25th)

In Harsh Light editor Richard Sanchez here.  Bandmate Tayne Kim and I (a.k.a., Panda Sanchez) are playing at DC9 tomorrow night in NW DC.  Doors open at 8PM.  The Panda takes the limelight at 8:30 PM, opening for Tigertronic (9:30 PM) and headliners Gracias, Pero No Gracias (10:30).

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“The Escape,” by Panda Sanchez


My ongoing music project with colleague Tayne Kim.  This one is about an intense two-man escape from a high-security prison complex.  Will they make it?

Come see us (namely, Panda Sanchez) open for Tigertronic and Gracias, Pero No Gracias on August 15th at DC9.  Doors open 8PM.

Featured art by Sahar Naderi

Shameless Self-Promo: “2012 Pop Robot (Summer Mix)” by Panda Sanchez

As some of our readers may know, Panda Sanchez is the budding music project of In Harsh Light editor Richard Sanchez and writer/musician Tayne Kim. We’ve been hard at work crafting our dilettante, freshman EP to accompany our nosedive into DC’s live performance scene (see below for show dates). In particular, we’re opening for the up-and-coming metal/post-punk band Gracias, Pero No Gracias at the Velvet Lounge in DC on July 25th, 2012.  Wish us luck — and, if God willing, attend, kick back with a beer (or five), and enjoy some local indie music.

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