Meltybrains? - Experimental Irish quintet.

Track Awareness: “IV” by Meltybrains?

Meltybrains? is an Irish experimental quintet that immerses listeners in an aural hot spring of synthesized and analog movements.

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IHL Music Round-Up: Melinda Ortner, The Zolas, Simian Ghost, and Plumes


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Debut Album Awareness: ‘Hale & Hearty’ by Heyward Howkins


Conjuring allusions to Smokey Robinson, Kid Congo Powers, David Lovering, and Fred Myrow, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Heyward Howkins is set to unleash his poignantly baroque The Hale & Hearty, an evocative amalgam of “British tweed (see Nick Drake)” and “dusty American flannel (see Bon Iver).”  Personally, it’s quite like nothing I’ve heard before (lyrically or musically), flaunting unusual yet powerful all-analog arrangements, guided by Howkins’ unique, rustically thespian vocals.  A smattering of the tunes gives off the husky Americana of Grizzly Bear (although not as dark), while others recall the raw textures (and horns) of Neutral Milk Hotel.

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Brutally Honest Write-Up Award Goes To Boise Weekly

Behold staffer Josh Gross‘s unapologetically cheeky announcement for Nickelback’s June 13th show at the Idaho Center.  Absolutely brilliant (and chortle-inducing).  Continue reading

Review // Beach House: Bloom

Review | Beach House: Bloom

In a recent interview with Pitchfork‘s Jenn Pelly, Beach House multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally revealed his frustration with the changing ways in which we listen to music:

“A lot of people listening to music now don’t listen to the songs or lyrics at all. They just go, “Good tones…” and that’s it. But we’re obsessed with songs. Sometimes, I feel like people aren’t listening to our songs, they’re just listening to the sound. “

Scally’s chagrin can be viewed as a gripe with twenty-first century music as a whole. In an age where music is both easily accessible and easily dismissed, the dual arts of album structure and song writing have been lost amongst many artists.  Taking this into consideration, Beach House, a Baltimore-based dream pop duo, can be seen as traditionalists in the world of modern indie music. Over the course of four albums, including 2010’s sonic opus Teen Dream, the Beach House sound has remained steady, slowly improving with thoughtful refinements.

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Liars At It Again On Their Upcoming Sixth Studio Album (Updated on 4/3/12)

Following their handsomely received 2010 release, Sisterworld (Mute; 2010), Liars have coyly announced their sixth studio album, which is to be unveiled on June 5th of this year.  Judging by the aggressively minimalistic aesthetic of both their Tumblr page, as well as their website, it appears that the album has yet to garner a working title.

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Track Awareness: “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun

This video is beyond ridiculous — and so are thespians Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore — but I can’t help but bop my head to this neo yacht rock single and put it on repeat!  Admittedly, I had to Shazam it from the movie Cyrus to find out what it was.

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