Meltybrains? - Experimental Irish quintet.

Track Awareness: “IV” by Meltybrains?

Meltybrains? is an Irish experimental quintet that immerses listeners in an aural hot spring of synthesized and analog movements.

The band’s two full EPs, Free Kyle and Attention! Now That We Have Your Attention, seamlessly weld stringed electronica and distorted vocal techniques to create a unique post-rock landscape all their own. Via Clash:

“I’m not sure where on the sprawling spirograph of overlapping contemporary genres this Irish outfit sits, but I know it’s a place that I’ll be happy to return to. Is there a genre called ‘AnimalCollective-y-But-A-Bit-Not.'”


The Melties also come from a strong visual arts background, replete with choreographed dance, painted masks and elaborate live performance tableaux, which is certainly exemplified in the above music video for “IV”, their new single. Shot by Kemperman and Freeney, the video begins with a beautiful sequence of black and white photography, but gradually indoctrinates the viewer into the abstract universe of an awakened consciousness — or something you might experience on psilocybin.

Find Meltybrains? on SoudCloud, BandCamp, Facebook and Twitter

Also listen to Green, Yellow & Purple:

Press Photos & Info via PrescriptionPR


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