The Suicide Of Western Culture Release Their Second Single

The track is curiously titled, “Hey, guys! I Know The name Of The Culprits,” and can be streamed via the embedded player below.  The track marks the second single to spawn from their upcoming album, “Hope Only Brings Pain” (Irregular Label), releasing March 14th.

The Spanish electronic duo — equipped with a mere suite of secondhand synths and bitcrushed noisemakers — have played the likes of SXSW, Eurosonic, The Great Escape, and Primavera, and have been likened to the ilks of Animal Collective, Orbital, Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck, Dan Deacon and Cut Copy.  Sounds like good company!  They will again be performing this year at Primavera in Barcelona.

TSOWC_2013 2

Even more offbeat than the electronic vanguards they’ve been associated with, however, is their weirdly hypnotic music video (directed by Actop) for “Love Your Friends, Hate Politicians” (adage-worthy advice), replete with ancient symbols of sacred geometry, digitally obscured faces, ceremonial pagan robes, telekinesis, and lens flare effects (can it get any better?):

Via Prescription PR


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