Every Night They Sleep In Empty Sanctuaries


Here is a depressing morsel I dug up from the summer 2007 Panda Sanchez back-catalog section of a store that metaphorically resembles the iconic record shop in High Fidelity.  Caveat:  It moves like molasses and finds an inebriated version of me on vocals; a friend’s borrowed steel-string Washburn (thanks Vanessa); a condenser mic; a MicroKorg; the moody aftermath of David Fincher’s Zodiac; and GarageBand.  So … yes … if left up to my own devices, I get totally emo (at least circa 2007).

For that, my preemptive apologies.

Best suited for rain-beaded days — and hearkening that which is lost, whatever that may be.  Sometimes, in order to win, you have to learn how to lose:

Featured image by Tayne Kim


2 comments on “Every Night They Sleep In Empty Sanctuaries

  1. samroderick says:

    Forever is just a word. Thanks for the music. It’s nice, balanced, deliciously brooding, a nice nest.




  2. Hey Sam — you’re certainly welcome and thank you for listening to my brooding soundwaves, :).


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