Watch: Panda Sanchez, Live at DC9

Here we are, in all our neonatal glory, opening for Tigertronic and Gracias, Pero No Gracias.  Thanks to all that came and showed their support!  We had a blast.  Check out more of our homegrown recordings here or connect with us on Facebook for real-time updates.

Next is a stripped down version of Clarity Jones Konig (electric).  I totally fucked up the key on those first couple “ahhs.”  Ouch.  Sorry DC9.

Check out the recorded version, here, where I had time to do endless vocal do-overs.  More permutations of this song coming to a blog post near you.  I’m looking at you, Eric.

Also coming soon:  An excerpt of the live recording reimagined by overdubs, remixed by yours truly.  I call it my “performance fantasy.”  Stay tuned!

Live recording by Randy Lancelot, Chief FOH Engineer/Technical Director at DC9

Video by Rohit Colin Rao of Tigertronic

Featured image by Ryan Lynch Photography


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