Collab Spotlight: David Byrne and St. Vincent To Release New LP


In the sphere of mildly-to-wildly unlikely indie/pop music collaborations (see The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends and/or Little Broken Hearts), a quirky co-LP comes in the form of Love This Giant (4AD), courtesy of St. Vincent‘s Annie Clark and former, iconic Talking Heads lead David Byrne.  According to the excerpts on their official site, the pairing was a clever matchmaking effort by Housing Works (a HIV/AIDS awareness community) in the fall of 2009 to conjoin Clark and Byrne for a night of new music on behalf of a charity event.

“We decided to center the music around a brass band and began sending ideas back and forth in every form: wordless melodies, melody-less songs. After a while we had enough of a body of work that David, not one to do anything halfway, suggested we record it and put it out. I am very proud of what we created and excited for it to hit your ears,” Clark said.

So am I.  For those of us eager for an LP appetizer, look no further than “Who,” their free-to-download track, embedded below as a YouTube vid for your listening pleasure (or displeasure, if that’s how you roll):

“A lot of people, hearing a description of this project, assumed that it might be an artsy indulgence, but somehow it didn’t turn out that way.  It’s a pop record—well, in my book anyway. I started to sense that we were ending up with a sound and approach I’d never heard before. There were elements that were reminiscent of things I’d heard, but a lot of it was completely new. Very exciting!”  Byrne said.

Byrne is a busy man.  In the past, he’s worked with Brian Eno on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Sire; 2006) and the soundtrack for Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010).  Love This Giant is due to release on September 10 in the UK, and on September 11 in the US.  Starting mid-September, Clark and Byrne will tour the album all over North America.  For a full listing of tour dates, go here.

Tip via Nick Testa


2 comments on “Collab Spotlight: David Byrne and St. Vincent To Release New LP

  1. Brennan McCracken says:

    I’m a sucker for great horns. Awesome, awesome track.


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