Collab Spotlight: Norah Jones and Danger Mouse


Last year, when hip producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse teamed up with gorgeous chanteuse Norah Jones on the ballyhooed Rome project (which also involved Jack White and Daniele Luppi), not many could have foreseen the continued interest the Mouse and Jones would have in each other’s sound.  Luckily for our unsuspecting ears and aesthetic tastes, their new full-length, …Little Broken Hearts is rapidly make puree of our expectations.

In short, forget what Norah Jones sounded like before; this is the odd couple done right.  Her unique vocal style never sounded more textured than it does now, thanks to the Mouse’s signature production suite.  A stream of one of their tracks, “Happy Pills,” is embedded below.

Via The Guardian’s Music Blog


3 comments on “Collab Spotlight: Norah Jones and Danger Mouse

  1. Brennan McCracken says:

    Thanks for posting this Richard! I’ve been hearing this song on the radio for the past few weeks… I thought it sounded like Norah Jones, but I never would have guessed that it was a Danger Mouse collaboration. Really great sound.


    • Indeed, I love it when Danger Mouse collaborates with others in the mainstream, he really brings the best of “both worlds” into one package. Can’t wait to purchase this one.


  2. […] unlikely indie/pop music collaborations (see The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends and/or Little Broken Hearts), a quirky co-LP comes in the form of Love This Giant (4AD),  courtesy of St. Vincent‘s […]


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