Interpol’s Paul Banks To Release New EP


According to indie record label Matador‘s blog (Matablog), Paul Banks of Interpol is set to release Julian Plenti Lives …,  a five-track solo EP, on June 12.  Interestingly enough, Julian will precede the debut of Banks’ full-length LP in the fall.

The EP — which features covers of J Dilla, Frank Sinatra, and Harold Faltermeyer songs — will be available everywhere digitally, with 2,300 vinyl and 1,500 CD limited-edition copies made available worldwide.  Proud collectors can pre-order physical copies here.

The EP’s focal track is titled, “Summertime is Coming” — which, adjectivally, is described by Matablog as “brooding.”  The remaining track will be an all-instrumental piece.

Fun fact:  Harold Faltermeyer is the German composer responsible for some of the 1980s’ most iconic synthpop-laden scores and soundtracks, including Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, and my personal favorite, The Running Man.  How cool is that?

One of Interpol’s indispensable assets was their former bassist, Carlos Dengler (a.k.a., Carlos D.)  Since news of Dengler’s departure arose — closely following their critically underwhelming LP, Interpol (Matador; 2010) — fond thoughts of Interpol soon became fond memories.  Particularly in the context of their heyday albums, Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics.  May the ingenuity of these albums live on (at least for another decade).

Photo by Helena Christensen — via Matablog

Still, as a bleeding romantic whose defense mechanics deliquesce in the presence of Paul Banks’ unique, haunting vocals, I doggedly remain hopeful that his sound weathers the absence of Dengler’s angst-ridden, thick, toms-hugging basslines and hooks.  As such, I await the EP with bated ears.

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One comment on “Interpol’s Paul Banks To Release New EP

  1. […] As I briefly covered back in May, Interpol frontman Paul Banks’ upcoming LP is nearing its release in the wake of the album’s sibling limited-edition EP, Julian Plenti Lives …, which is currently available at the Matador Store.  Time is limited, though:  Last I checked, only 2,300 CD and 1,800 10″ vinyl copies are left.  If you missed it before, check out the EP’s star track, “Summertime is Coming” (spoiler:  it sounds like vintage Interpol, which is a good thing): […]


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