The “Oh Shit” News of The Week Award Goes To: The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends


Sultans of psychedelia The Flaming Lips have released a limited edition double-LP in an abstract-colored vinyl format recently, through Record Store Day 2012.  Apparently titled by Elmer Fudd, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends is a meta-collaboration of the likes once seen in 2009’s Dark Night of the Soul, which starred the odd pairings of Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse (R.I.P.), the Lips, and others.

This time, the Lips are at it again, reaching out to an even more head-scratching lineup of genre-bending conspirators, which include (overly compressed drumroll please) Ke$ha, Biz Markie, Bon Iver, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Prefuse 73, Tame Impala, Jim James, Nick Cave, Lightning Bolt, Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, Neon Indian, Erykah Badu, New Fumes, and Chris Martin (yes, you read that right, the singer for Coldplay).

Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.  If Quentin Tarantino could make John Travolta “cool again” (circa everybody’s favorite quotable film-about-films, Pulp Fiction), then the Lips can with Mr. Martin.   For all you elitists, rest-assured that your go-to indie taste-makers, Pitchfork, have given the album their coveted “above 8.0” seal of approval today.  If that isn’t incentive enough, then be sure to glue those eyeliner eyes of yours on Wayne Coyne’s walkthrough of the vinyl release itself.  If anything, don’t miss the segment beginning at the 6:00 mark, where he talks about vials of blood (I say no more).

If and when I get my Latino-American hands on a copy of this, I’ll be sure to give readers a full review.


16 comments on “The “Oh Shit” News of The Week Award Goes To: The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

  1. You’d think they’d put some chapstick on those lips by now.


  2. I’ve been on hiatus during the big MOVE. But I’m back…two posts in two days. And now I’ve been sidelined by stepping on a cassette holder that sliced open my heel. Whoever said that revisiting your past (in this case, it was a little Peter Murphy) isn’t dangerous was wrong. But on the subject, The Flaming Lips have been a long time favorite. Nice review, my friend. Well done.


  3. Thank you Mrs. Lewis, much obliged. Wow, a sliced-open heel AND a recent black eye? I’m getting a bit worried here! Should we de-boobytrap your new home with mattresses and bubblewrap? I majored in it, you know.


    • You majored in de-boobytrapping. There are so many places I could go with that, but I won’t. I’m considering rubberizing the entire apartment. BTW, when you call me Mrs. Lewis, it makes me think of The Graduate, and I half expect you to suddenly blurt out (if you can blurt something out in a blog), “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”


      • Actually, I suppose I think you’re going to say, “Mrs. Lewis, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”


      • hahaha … unless I’m a surgeon performing a mastectomy, I’m not sure the de-boobytrapping seduction caper will work — but then again, you’ve already seduced thousands with your wits alone, including small-time artsyfartsy bloggers such as this one … sooooo …


      • I’m pretty sure you majored in ass kissing. Not that you have any reason to kiss mine. Wait, I am now the owner of a vagina drawn by David Sedaris. You don’t really think I’m going to give it to you just because you ply me with expensive liquor and compliments. And expensive liquor. Erm. How many hints do I have to drop about needing you to send me expensive liquor? Seriously, you’re not getting the picture – and I’m pretty sure I’m way more small-time and artsy fartsy than you. I should be kissing your ass. You have writers at your beck and call. I have three cats and they usually ignore me when I call.


      • Woops, you’re right about the “Mrs. Lewis/Robinson” The Graduate vibe … Sometimes I’m too proper for my own good … sometimes, if I’m faced with a married woman in public, and I don’t know their name, I just say, “good day, Mrs. Married Woman.”


      • A bit redundant, isn’t it? You could just say Mrs. and communicate the same thing. It like Spanish. I never understood why I had to say, “Yo gusto la leche,” when you could say, “Gusto la leche,” and the verb tense reveals that “I” am the one speaking. Wow, I’m a fucking nerd.


      • You’re right, I was redundantly redundant just then. Wait, I did it again! I need medication for this. And hey, the world needs more nerdlings like you … just sayin’.


  4. Brennan McCracken says:

    I need to get my hands on a good used record player. This year’s list of Record Store Day releases is awesome.


  5. Kate Anthony says:

    He is such a strange guy. Did you know that he (Wayne Coyne) has a weird obsession with blood and once made a limited edition poster created with his own blood. I also read once that he had some skulls made of gummy bears, and once you reached the center there was a flash drive with some extra songs on it.


  6. […] the sphere of mildly-to-wildly unlikely indie/pop music collaborations (see The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends and/or Little Broken Hearts), a quirky co-LP comes in the […]


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