Panda Sanchez // Experiment 11


For chemically staid datamonkeys that jump into nuclear sunsets and come out as space cadets on the other side, staving decompression sickness, floating amidst iridescent nebulae, stars and dark ether.

For the NASA moon hoax conspiracy theorist that once held the Apollo 11 moon landing as sacred, Panda Sanchez offers “cosmonauts” in place of “astronauts” when waxing historic over the bygone Space Race.

[In the unlikely event that our readers-cum-listeners should like what they hear, click into our BandPage, browse the audio with your lovely ears, and impress that pesky Like button.]


2 comments on “Panda Sanchez // Experiment 11

  1. mediaudio says:

    This is very awesome indeed! There are sounds that evoke imagery of a cosmonaut communicating from his capsule somewhere deep in space. The moment you begin listening, it transports you to the depths of outer space. Incredible other work as well, thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks mediaaudio. The intergalactic evocation was certainly an interest of mine when recording it. Really enjoying the art on your site too!


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