Panda Sanchez // Bumper Sticker Sermonette


When bumper stickers get preachy:


3 comments on “Panda Sanchez // Bumper Sticker Sermonette

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    WOWOWOOW. Richard, you amaze me. Seriously. I love this stuff. At your feet. Let’s make a song too! Many artistic babies. (since the respective, real ones seem to be taking a while. :)


    • Andréa Balt says:

      I’m replying to myself, just to add that the art you’re using for each post could not be more adequate! Me encanta.


      • thank you kindly miss, :-).

        Yes, let’s get it on, artistically. I’ll be the Ben Gibbard to your Jenny Lewis (a la Postal Service :) Thanks about the featured art … red face is a repurposed mannequin head using a red filter on the lens … green/yellow blur was a shark at the baltimore aquarium, before I altered it.


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