Carson Ellis

Hilary Greenbaum of The New York Times Magazine’s brand-spanking new blog, The 6th Floor:

The Decemberists, the “hyperliterate folk-rock” band, released its newest album, “The King Is Dead,” in January. The band’s lead singer, Colin Meloy “is a tale spinner, singing character studies and parables,” Jon Pareles wrote in his review of the album for The Times […] The band’s music has a unique and haunting sound that is reflected beautifully in the design of its album covers, the majority of which were illustrated and hand-lettered by Meloy’s wife, Carson Ellis. More of Ellis’s work, including fine-art drawings and book covers, can be found on her Web site.

Check out Carson Ellis’ website.  It’s fairly embryonic, for now, but her unique style cannot be mistaken or under-appreciated.


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