Cool interview with Alan Palomo

I couldn’t help but belatedly happen upon this interview with electronic musician Alan Palomo of Neon Indian, whose barely LP length 30-minute album, Psychic Chasms, had toured throughout New York City, selling out shows (thank you scads of Brooklynites).

It’s a fun interview, particularly thanks to Palomo’s down-to-earth and chatty disposition.  Also refreshing is his unabashed openness about the process that brought this album from conception to inception.  What especially interested me was his recording protocol and introspective mindset.

It felt intimately familiar with my own creative tendencies (pacing motes into the floor of my bedroom in front of my laptop for hours at a time) — minus (of course) his unique talent and that nerd-drool-inducing Prophet 08 at his disposal.

My favorite part of the Q&A has to be the following:

The whole album is just over 30 minutes, and the songs themselves are quite short. Was the brevity of it done on purpose or was that just how the songs came out?

I think that’s just how the songs came out. It’s about getting the point across and once you’ve done it, the song is over. And I think, creatively, it was coming out in these very brief spurts, so I think the fact that the album was that long was kind of perfect for what it was. It’s just a very immediately subversive experience, a production style that obviously evokes these very nostalgic qualities that you don’t find necessarily dictated in lyrics. It creates a narrative, just by the style of the music. And I feel like, once again tying into the film thing, I wanted to just have this very brief experience, it’s very fleeting and then—boom!—30 minutes, it’s over. And then you can put Animal Collective back on.

True, except what will likely happen is that you’ll listen to this “brief” and “fleeting” experience about a hundred times in a row, without sleep, nutrition or sex — then put Animal Collective back on (then see about having sex again).


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