What’s not altogether surprising about ‘s new film short, Night Fishing, is that it’s spooky.  That it’s a 30-minute traditional Korean ghost story channeled through the tandem perspectives of a middle-aged man and the dead woman he accidentally (or not so accidentally) pulls out of the water during an afternoon fishing excursion.

Being the auteur behind two of the most gnarly Korean films to traverse the seas and deracinate some of American cinema’s most darling crime and vampire tropes out of our post-Tarantino, postmodern soil (think Old Boy; think Thirst), one must place these presumable details aside to ponder one curious liner note that I am certain will be one of its most capacious selling points:

Chan-wook shot the entire piece on his iPhone 4, according to Russ Fischer of /Film.

As far as the confounding title of this post is concerned, Mr. Fischer notes that “Paranmanjang” was the project’s original title.

I hope to catch this one, if not only to inspire your bespectacled narrator to use his iPhone for purposes other than a tablet-shaped wormhole of aimless multimedia distractions. 


2 comments on “Paranmanjang

  1. The trailer looks great. I still won’t buy an iPhone, tho. :)


  2. :) … even as an iPhone owner, I can’t see myself making a movie with it.


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