Arnold Schwartzenegger Congratulates Mike Maguire for His “Snappy Tweet”

Mr. Maguire is a “follower” of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official twitter account (like many others).

Unexpectedly, Arnold recently posted a tweet announcing a contest daring his followers to tweet the best New Year’s resolution possible on his behalf.  The best resolution was set to afford the champion tweeter an autographed jacket.

Mike J. Maguire, published palindromist and co-writer for the upcoming independent film by writer and director Rohit Rao, Ultrasonic, won first place for the following tweet:

“Train like Pumping Iron, party like it’s Judgement Day and avoid Raw Deals!”
Mr. Rao, an occasional music collaborator of mine, reported that the “assistant that emailed Mike said ‘the boss loved your tweet, called it snappy’.”  Here’s to hoping that this represents a soothsayer’s stroke of good luck for Rao and Maguire’s film production.  More information on Ultrasonic — a psychological thriller of conspiratorial proportions — can be found here on Facebook.  Check it out!

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