iDon’t know what to make of this …



iLook ridiculous

Steven Sande comments:

Fashion-conscious guys and gals alike will want to take a look at the iTee (AUD$49.95), a unisex white or black classic tee shirt that also comes with an iPad-sized belly pouch. If you don’t have a set of six-pack abs, the iPad can fill in to give you that rock-hard abdomen you’ve been looking for. If James Dean

 was still alive, he’d probably want an iTee to carry his iPad with (complete with pack of cigs rolled up in the sleeve).

The iDress is currently on backorder, but iTees are available in a range of sizes for iPad-toting fashionistas.

I can’t help but reiterate a synecdoche of Sande’s last sentence: “The iDress is currently on backorder …”

Punch me, I’m hallucinating.



One comment on “iDon’t know what to make of this …

  1. Toad says:

    I want this for my birthday. Oh, and throw in an iPad to go with the dress so I can be iFabulous.


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